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  • We offer a one-stop shop approach to your patient’s needs. Call us to discuss your patient’s insurance benefits. We also service self-paying patients. Also feel free to contact us with any question, whether it is a clinical, medical supply, or insurance benefit issue or concern. As a courtesy, if we are not a provider of your patient’s insurance and cannot service your patient, we will find a provider that can.

  • Once enrolled in our program, we create a confidential patient medical file with a medical brief medical history pertinent the patient’s pharmaceutical care, i.e. diagnosis, allergies, emergency contact information.

  • We coordinate with all respective patient healthcare providers to obtain or confirm any pertinent medical information, prescriptions, and patient needs while in the USA and when they return home.

  • We will coordinate any prescription or medical supply delivery to the patient’s (or designee) hospital bedside, home or business.

  • We enroll each patient in our unique patient call system designed to insure that a patient will never run out of medication/supplies by calling each patient on a regularly agreed upon schedule to obtain rells when needed and/or conrm any new or changed orders with the respective health care provider. All patients may call us at any time to liaise with their healthcare team in obtaining or clarifying prescriptions or orders.

  • We specialized coordinate billing and payment arrangements with international third party payers.

  • We offer a multilingual service when needed.